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You can rest assured that your property is maintained and checked by us.

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Watering of indoor plants

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Meter reading

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Collection & forwarding
mail forwarding

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Visit report by email

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Presence on site during deliveries

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Inspection visit

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Verification of the property interior & exterior

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Ventilation of the property

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Site monitoring
interior & exterior

Intervention & material repair

The tariff does not take into account the cost of any professional intervention to repair a breakdown or solve a problem found during the inspection visit. The professional's intervention will be invoiced directly by the latter to the owner

For any repair above an amount agreed between HSH and the owner, the intervention must be validated by the owner beforehand

Presence on site in case of delivery or intervention of an external service provider (maintenance technician, plumber, electrician, delivery of wood, fuel, chimney sweeping, various maintenance, septic tank, swimming pool, etc...)

The service does not consist of a mission of project management or quality control of the work, the external service provider remaining solely responsible for the quality of his work or his intervention

Presence &
on site


Inspection visit in the absence of an occupant:

  • One-off "indoor/outdoor" check

  • Ventilation 

  • Monitoring of the exterior (absence of signs of break-in or spotting, general good order, etc.)

  • Monitoring the interior (checking alarm systems, household appliances, absence of leaks or other damage, etc.)

  • Watering of indoor plants

  • Reading of meters

  • Collecting mail and forwarding it (by e-mail or post)

  • Report of the visit by e-mail

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